The Island of the Wheel (also know as I-16) is a floating island approximately 110 miles north-east of the Gnoman Capital. Interestingly, while it is near the center of the empire, it has remained largely uncolonized, save for the Gnoman Base-Tower and dock built on the northern precipice and the dig site at the southern end of the island. Because of this, most of the island remains wild. The reason for this is that the biology and archeology sector has gotten the island to be under scientific jurisdiction: that is, the science sector that the jurisdiction is granted to controls all action and changes by sapients to the island and can approve or disapprove any decision thereof, save for decisions made by the highest position in the the empire. The island is approximately three miles long from it's farthest points, and two hundred feet high from the lowest point to it's highest point. It is shaped roughly like an oval. It is of regular composition and density for a floating island.


The island has a long, bowl-like shape to it, that is, the center is a lower altitude than the edges. A large mountain rises up out of the south-western end, with the dig site built at the foot of it. A small stream flows down to the center of the island, then through a ravine off the island.

Flora and FaunaEdit

The flora and fauna on the Island of the Wheel is quite interesting. The flora, while including many regular plants, also includes a multitude of plant-like organisms known as Magic-feeders. These magic feeders feed partly on the magic in the air for energy, emitting a form of magic that humans can harness. Similar to the CO2-O2 exchange found on Earth. Another magic-feeder is a large, tree-like organism that are found in groves on the western side of the island. Besides those, a large coniferous forest covers the centre of the island.

The fauna is equally varied. One of the more well-known organisms on the island is the unofficially named Pandora Squirrel, a squirrel-like hexapod with patagiums on its limbs. Other organisms include a type of paragliding beetle, a carnivore with very large ears, and so on. The Thermata oriens is known to roost on this island, as is the Lizdragon. There are quite a few herbivorous species, including a few marsupial-like species.

Archeology SiteEdit

The Island of the Wheel is well-known for it's archeology site at its southern end. Recently, odd, wheel-shaped gears have been found buried underground. Great care has been taken not to affect the local wildlife in any way. After the dig started, ruins were found under the earth. It seems to be the remains of an ancient civilization, possibly the Ancient Gnoman Empire. The wheel-gears and the ruins are both made out of a form of rare metal commonly found on the numerous ancient ruins on the floating island and the mountainsides, and the ruins fit the later architecture of the empire.

Gnoman History on the IslandEdit

The Gnoman Empire has a bit of history on this island. Besides the already mentioned ruins, the northern base was an important base during the second and third expansions of the empire. It was also an important part in multiple wars.

Recently, the biology and archeology sector have taken control of the island, using it for research.

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